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Engineered Floors

Engineered Floors may be perhaps the fastest growing flooring company in the U.S. if not the world. With the recent acquisition of all Bolyu’s assets, Bob Shaw has set Engineered Floors up to propel itself as a top contender to be the industry leader. Both Engineered Floors and Bolyu were industry leaders before, and now that they have merged together, new history will be made under the banner of Bob Shaw and Engineered Floors. Engineered Floors sets the standard for both Carpet Tile and Broadloom and its state of the art Kinetex.


The horizontally knitted construction of Kinetex leads to no crushing of the face yarn, giving the product an Extreme Commercial Traffic rating. This is a product built to last and perform year after year. Products that last long also tend to be easier to maintain. With basic vacuuming, Kinetex can be easily cleaned. Even if it gets liquids on it, Kinetex absorbs less water than traditional carpet due to its lightweight construction and polyester fibers, and an encapsulation cleaning will take the carpet back to new. The fast and effective cleaning methods make Kinetex perfect for allergy sensitive locations, with allergens getting held in the fibers and pulled away with the cleaning. Kinetex easily passes California’s 01350 requirements.

Carpet Tile

Carpet Tiles are the increasingly popular choice for commercial floors. Also known as modular carpet and carpet squares, the installation is much easier. Installing carpet tiles rarely requires furniture to be removed from the room, since underlay material is not always needed.


  • Fitness Centers
  • Gyms
  • Circuit Training
  • Halls
  • Corridors
  • Entry Rooms