wineo PURline

Botanol is a new class of flooring, brought in by wineo PURline, a floor made entirely of raw materials.  PURline is an organic floor made from canola oil, castor oil and chalk.  With 90% renewable materials, PURline is both great for the environment and affordable to the customer.  Through advanced technology, these organic materials are molecularity assembled to provide a surface stronger than even Luxury Vinyl Tile.  With a sleek look, this responsibly crafted floor can be the star of any room.


  • Fitness Rooms
  • Circuit Training Rooms
  • Yoga


  • Purpose Advanced technology, precision engineering, ecological responsibility and more than 6 years of research and development to create a new flooring material that would sustain the most demanding commercial applications.
  • Practical Hygienic nonporous material with a tenaciously wear resistant surface and the simplest of maintenance requirements that involves no finishing, waxing, buffing or stripping.
  • Pure Produced with approximately 90% rapidly renewable & natural raw materials, wineo PURline organic flooring is GreenGuard Gold certified and will not negatively impact indoor air quality, energy consumption or facilities costs.